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Be first in line for ECONIC Hub’s Celebration of Innovation. On Thursday July 6th, fin-tech teams together with ABN AMRO teams will take to the stage and battle twenty first century banking solutions. The event will include a high-tempo pitch tournament, keynote addresses, and a networking reception.

Registration Now Open for the July 6th Celebration of Innovation

KEYNOTE: Anne Marie Magis to open ECONIC Hub's Celebration of Innovation

ECONIC welcomes Anne Marie Magis as keynote speaker! She will share her excitement about new developments within banking, provide insights on the importance of innovation for ABN AMRO & give a sneak peak of a Commercial Banking innovation. 

Anne Marie Magis is the Managing Director Digitalisation of Commercial Banking at ABN AMRO. We are thrilled to have this trusted leaders of innovation on the main stage at Eindhoven’s Klokgebouw. She will also be part of the panel as innovation stories are revealed.

Anne Marie Magis, Managing Director of Digitalisation within Commercial Banking, is an agile thinker with a contagious desire for learning. Her direct style combined with her enthusiasm and strategic eye for innovation will challenge each team to meet their potential during the Q&A.

The EXPERT panel

Anique Soetermeer is a driver of innovation within organizations. She’s been an active part of the management team of HighTechXL for the past three years, creating meaningful and lasting partnerships with important stakeholders.She enjoys bringing two seemingly opposing concepts together – startups and large corporations, for the mutual benefit of both.

Daphne de Kluis, now the CEO of Commercial Banking, is a strategic and holistic thinker whose energy, vision, and perseverance position her as a change leader. She brings more than twenty years’ experience with ABN AMRO to the panel.

Karin Kersten MT Corporate & Institutional Banking. Karin is driven by results, and shows a great passion for innovation and sustainability. She is well known for her strong analytical skills and ability to, in collaboration with her team, bring innovation from ideation to actual launch


11:30: Drinks & Innovation marketplace

12:30: Opening 

13:00: Innovation stories with panel

14:00: Break

14:30: Innovation stories with panel

16:00: Closing & Networking

Step into a world where anything is possible. Step into the world, where we build the bank of tomorrow.

This edition of the Celebration of Innovation will be beyond anything we’ve done so far. This will be the place to be to see what’s happening in banking innovation.

  • Meet the leaders in innovation at ABN AMRO
  • Witness the newest products being launched live
  • Walk amongst the fintech startup exhibition
  • Talk to all your colleagues building the bank of the future

The Largest Celebration of Innovation so far!

Klokgebouw Eindhoven

Klokgebouw 50

5617AB Eindhoven

The Netherlands 


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